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What are the Uses of Your Spun Articles?

Article spinning is defined as the process of spinning each and every word or phrase of a particular content. It works through the use of special tags known as spintax in which each word and/or phrase is matched with relevant synonyms having a variation for each of the special tags. When a spun article is fed on a particular spinning software, it could produce hundreds or even thousands of unique versions out of the original.

As of now, lots of internet marketers and online business owners alike haven’t fully realized the potential of article spinning and the positive effects it features. This explains why article spinning isn’t completely embraced by a lot of people nowadays. But this doesn’t mean you don’t have to as well. There are in fact a lot of good things that article spinning has in store for you. To get my point, here are some of the common uses of your spun articles.

1. As a unique content for your own site

Spun articles have a wide variety of purposes, and serving as a unique content for your site is not an exception. You can actually place a spun article in your blog or perhaps in certain sections of your site. However, you should also remember that it all depends upon the quality of your spun articles, the style of writing being used, as well as the level of uniqueness it has.

2. For article directory submission

It’s basically one of the most common uses of a spun article. Most of us know how valuable it is to submit unique articles to various article directories. Moreover, it is an ethical means of article marketing strategy which could safely pass through Google’s duplication guidelines without tripping off the spam filter they’ve implemented.

3. As unique marketing copies

Looking for a solution to completely reduce the time consuming task of writing unique contents as your marketing copies? Don’t worry. Spun articles are here to help you out. You don’t have to worry about writing tons of articles just to promote your products and/or services anymore.

The three are only few of the many possibilities that spun articles could provide you. Aside from these, you can even use your spun ready copies for press release or newsletter purposes. Or perhaps feed it to various submitting software such as SenukeX, Sick Submitter, or Article Marketing Robot.

Things to watch out

But before you resort to such things, you should take some extra precautions beforehand. It is essential to know that there are some restrictions that apply to your spun ready articles. They’re as follow:

  1. If your spun versions are of a medium uniqueness percentage, you shouldn’t be having them for use as guest blog posts.
  2. If your spun articles are poor in quality (i.e. not completely readable and have lots of flaws in grammar and structure), then more probably they are run through automation, or produced by a spinning service provider with substandard experience.
  3. Spun articles that don’t have variations in their word counts, number of paragraphs, and number of sentences are also considered to be of low quality.
  4. Don’t simply go for spun articles that are spun in word/phrase level alone. They don’t really offer you the high level of uniqueness you need.

The bottom line

In spite of the many claims that article spinning is a blackhat method, this doesn’t mean that it really is. In fact, there are several methods being used that could assure the total uniqueness of your spun versions; and most internet marketers and business owners alike haven’t realized them yet.

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