Uses of Spun Articles

Coming up with a myriad of versions of your original article is an easy task for us to do. You only send us or let us write a single article for you and we deliver it back to you in multiple versions. They’re all yours for the taking.

So that’s what we do. But do you really know, or rather, have you really fully understand how your spun articles can help you optimize your presence on the web? Well, here are some of the most significant things you can use your rewritten articles for:

  • Publish them as content articles on your own websites – every website owner does not want a duplicated article to be published in his site. But if you have multiple websites, writing several articles to post can be time-consuming. Not to mention, that can be very brain-draining too. So that’s where your spun article enters. With the help of our expert article content spinners, you can have your original and error-free web content articles published in no time!
  • Submit them to article directories – to generate a higher click-through rate to your websites, you may want to submit articles to online article directories. Remember, the more article directories you submit articles to, the higher your web ranking in search engine becomes. In return, your website traffic soars high and you get more sales and profit at the end of the day.

Utilize them as newsletter articles – apart from article directories, online newsletter publications are another profitable avenues to drive a greater traffic to your sites through relevant one-way links. With your multiple rewritten or spun articles, you can submit content articles to as much newsletter publishers as you want.