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How Do We Ensure the Highest Quality of Our Spin Ready Articles?

In the previous posts, I have outlined the major differences of a spun ready article run through automation, to that of a manual spinning method. Also, I have given details to you regarding the main advantages of article spinning, why it can benefit you a lot, and why a lot of people claim it as blackhat even though it’s not. In this post however, I am going to show you something I know you’d want to know. Something that’s been boggling your minds regarding the authenticity of article spinning. Something that will blow your heads off the moment you know and take a more in depth look of our service.

Ok, let’s cut to the chase. I am going to show you a bit of our company’s side, how we do our article spinning services, and what processes we implement to ensure that only the highest quality spin ready articles get to leave our company towards our clients in need.

It’s a typical service, but it’s not

Depending on your preferred package, our manual article spinning service could start in two ways. It’s either:

1. You provide us an original seed article, or
2. We write you an original seed article.

It’s as simple as that, but it’s entirely two different things, and it’s not simply your typical service. Why? Considering that we are a team of dedicated and proficient writers, we make sure that the original articles we are to provide you are on par with that of Google’s quality check, will successfully pass the duplication filter, and will help leverage your marketing strategy and uplift your online business presence. Here are the phases of our works:

1. The Write Phase (Optional)

During the writing process, our team of highly dedicated writers will provide you high quality original articles based upon your chosen niche. It could either be about weight loss, internet marketing, travel, home appliances, DIY tips, tutorials, and a whole lot more. Once the niche is determined and the topics to be written are laid out, our writers will then start to research relevant information to that of your request, and from those information, will then start writing your expected articles.

The writing process often takes around 30 minutes to an hour depending on the word count, the style of writing, and the complexity of the topic. However, there are also instances wherein the process could take a little lesser – this often happens for articles with word count ranging from 150 to 300 words in particular.

Take note that this is optional, and is only put to use once you choose to avail of our service package which includes writing an original article for you. But if you do have your own original seed article, then this process is often put to rest.

2. The Rewrite Phase

The rewrite process is also dependent upon the type of service you want. In case you opt for super spinnable articles service, we will give you rewrites on the sentence levels of the entire original article. Whereas, if you opt for our ultra spinnable articles service, you can expect to receive the optimal quality output, considering that we don’t just produce sentence level rewrites of your article, but we do paragraph rewrites as well. You can get an overview of this method in the previous post:

How We do Our Article Spinning – Sentence Level Rewriting

3. The Proofread Phase (Initial Level)

We strive hard to make sure that not a single article (original and rewritten) could proceed to the final stage without passing through the meticulous and picky eye of a proofreader. During this phase, we make sure that no grammatical errors are present, no typo errors can be seen, no spelling errors, and every rewritten version out of the original makes perfect sense, with the article flow preserved.

Our proofreaders carry out the process manually, however, with a slight mix of the Grammarly software to keep watch of the latest word usages present. Right after a thorough proofreading task, the revised articles are then handed over to our adept article spinners.

4. The Spin Phase

In the spin phase, our proficient article spinners will be the ones to take care of the job for you. This is where nested word/phrase level spinning initiates. Though we make use of The Best Spinner software for this task, we DON’T run our spinning works through automation. Instead, we only use the software to determine which synonyms fit best to the words and phrases within the articles, while we will be the ones to pick them out manually – not let the software do the picking for us.

Moreover, we don’t entirely depend upon the software itself as it still lacks the features of that of a capable human writer. There are those instances wherein no synonyms are applicable for a particular word/phrase. The method we carry out to address this issue is by simply inputting the necessary and relevant synonyms for that word/phrase. Through this, we can ensure that the spun versions perfectly make sense.

5. The Proofread Phase 2 (Final Level)

As much repetitive as I can be, we make sure that NO outputs leave our company unchecked. It can’t be avoided that there are minor lapses that our article spinners commit – though this happens occasionally. Our proofreaders will take another watchful eye for these minor flaws and correct them before handing them over to our valued clients. From there onwards, your expected output will be as great as it is, oftentimes exceeding your expectations.

What’s your say?

The process is indeed scrupulous, but our experiences in the field are the main reason why we are able to carry out these phases and render you our excellent services. We don’t just aim to make money online. We aim to be the best. We aim to give you the best of both worlds. And our manual article spinning service is there to get you covered.

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