Frequently Asked Questions

Q: For what purposes do these articles serve?

A: Basically, these articles are widely utilized for backlinking purposes. Web 2.0s and other Tier 1 backlinks feed on unique and high-quality articles to bring an SEO campaign to the next level. Web marketers also make use of them to submit to Wiki sites, article directories, bookmarking sites, or simply as web contents for their own business sites. Apart from that, others also feed the spin syntaxes to Private Networks like AMA, UAW, and MAN among others or to software submitter tools or programs like SEnuke Xcr, AMR, or Magic Submitter.

Q: What’s next after I have made an order?

A: After sending us your order requirements, we will start working on your project within the next day. To make sure you get your money’s worth, we’ll have the most seasoned writer take on the job based on the specific subject or keywords you require. Please refer to this page to learn more about our order requirements:

Q: How will help me?

A: Let’s put it this way. As the proprietor of your business, you definitely have a lot of work to do. There are even times when you feel that 24 hours is not enough to accomplish everything on time. But with our help, you can focus your attention on link building and other core aspects of your business while we take care of your writing/spinning project. By letting us write and spin your articles, you are actually hitting two birds with a single stone because you get the quality of content you expect while sparing yourself from all the hassles it entails. Now that’s one less thing to worry about.

Q: Do real humans spin your articles or you make use of automated programs for the job?

A: Real humans, of course. We have a team of seasoned writers who will take on your writing/spinning project from start to finish. That means, we start by writing high-end content then rewrite it on the phrase/sentence level before spinning it on the word/phrase level. This way, you can rest assured that you will be getting multiple articles that are individually unique and intelligible.

Q: Will I be assured of unique and original articles if I use your services?

A: Definitely. Needless to say, we write articles as per client’s instructions and standards. So rest your mind. We don’t and won’t ever recycle contents.

Q: Do you have a guaranteed service?

A: Delivering first-rate service is our first and foremost priority at all times. We see to it that our clients get their money’s worth. But in case you’re not satisfied with the output, we’ll see what we can do then.

Q: Who will be writing the contents that I need?

A: We have a team of professional writers who are individually skilled and seasoned on different niches/subjects. As for your project, we will pick out the most qualified writer/spinner to take on the job based on your specific niche. The complexity of the task is also considered when choosing a writer.

Q: How do I get the output?

A: Normally, we deliver the output to the same email address you used in sending us your project information and requirements. To ensure compatibility, we send the original or seed content in .doc file format, and the spin syntaxes in .txt format.

Q: What’s your standard turnaround time (TAT)?

A: For single orders, we should be able to deliver you the output within the next 24 to 48 hours. But for volume orders, it may take us a week or less to process your order.

Q: How do I contact you for queries and further details?

A: To have your queries answered, you may email us at Better yet, use our Live Chat Support. In case we’re offline, simply drop your message and we’ll answer it the soonest time possible.

Q: What will happen if the output falls short of my requirements?

A: In that case, we’ll do whatever we can to improve the output so as to satisfy your requirements. Please see our policies concerning revisions and refunds at for further information.

Q: What is your method of payment?

A: Basically, we process payment transactions using Paypal.

Q: What if I only have a credit card and no Paypal account, do I have an option?

A: Yes, you have. Once you clicked the order button, you’ll be redirected to the checkout page where you will find the option to use your Credit Card instead of Paypal ID.

Q: Do you also accept Payoneer Payment?

A: Yes, we do accept payments via Payoneer. Our ID is [email protected].

Q. What does your spinning service package includes?

A: Our package basically includes the original article content (if you let us write it) plus the spin syntax. In case you don’t have any spinning tool to generate spun contents, we can also include pre spun articles in the package if you wish.

Q. Do you accept other Syntax format (such as {word1~word2~word3} or [word1|word2|word3] ) other than the standard {|}?

A. As a matter of fact, yes. You simply have to specify your additional instructions in your project details.

Q: How do you determine the uniqueness level of spun articles?

A: Determining how unique a spun article is quite tricky, depending on what tool you use. In our case, we make use of TBS (which we deem as the most reliable spinning tool.

For Super Spin Articles (with computation based on 100 spun articles), we compare the uniqueness level of each content side by side (e.g. Spun 1 compared to Spun 2 to Spun 3 to Spun 4 and so on…).

As for Ultra Spinnable Articles, you can find the article’s uniqueness score at the bottom right side of the latest TBS tool. This is most probably the best tool to use if you need to generate hundreds or thousands spun articles.

Q: What’s the edge of having you write the original article rather than provide it myself?

A: Not that we are underestimating your ability, but if you let us write your original/seed article, you’ll be rest assured of a high-quality, well-researched, and engaging content since we are solely committed to deliver just that. We don’t merely write articles for the sake of compliance; rather, we write to ensure high clientele approval.

Q: What if I want a customized article spinning?

A: No problem. You can use our CUSTOM SPINNING ORDER FORM here:

Or, we can talk about your customization requirements via skype (ID: richardmaputi) or you email us at

Q. How does Super Spin differ from Ultra Spin?

A: There’s actually not much difference between Super Spin and Ultra Spin save for the fact that the latter is one level deeper. In Super Spinning, we manually rewrite the sentences of the original article and then spin them (both the original and rewrites) on the word/phrase level. Now in Ultra Spinning, we simply add paragraph level spinning on top of the sentence + word/phrase level to generate more spun contents that are individually unique and error-free. If you care much about uniqueness of spun articles, Ultra Spinning has the edge.