Jan 23

Content Vanishing: One of Our Secret Tactics for Producing Unique and Readable Spin Ready Articles

A few weeks ago, I’ve shown you the basic techniques and processes we perform to produce multiple high quality spun articles out of the original. I have also outlined the different phases that your original seed article undergoes in order to come up as a completely unique and readable spun version. This time however, we are about to delve deeper into the world of article spinning. Deep down into the fine prints of our business, explaining to you in details how we are able to formulate multiple articles without any fuss at all.

What’s our secret?

I am going to tell you one of our secret tactics implemented in our manual article spinning service. This secret is what we refer to as “content vanishing”. Perhaps the term might sound new to you; however, as industry experts in the world of article spinning, we have been using this technique for long, and it is one of our methods to providing our clients spun articles that are simply AMAZING.

What is content vanishing anyway?

The concept of content vanishing is simple, but it does pack a powerful punch. It is basically the method of varying the total word count, number of paragraphs, and number of sentences of a particular article. From the word “vanish”, it means some parts of the content are literally vanished. However, this one comes with a twist. Aside from vanishing alone, the rewritten versions could even feature more content than that of the original and vice versa.

Here is one example of a sentence which has gone through the method of content vanishing:

{Article spinning is the fastest and easiest technique for writers to work with in order to create multiple articles as possible in a short period of time.|Article spinning is your best option. It is because it is the most effective approach that you can apply to produce myriads of articles out of the original article in a jiffy.}

As what you can see, there is an obvious variation between that of the original and the rewritten version. If you count the total word count of the original paragraph, you can find that it only contains 27 words, whereas the rewritten version contains 32; while maintaining the same thought at the same time. So when looking at the SEO perspective, this really makes perfect sense.

However, this isn’t only limited to sentence level rewriting alone. This is also applicable to even that of a paragraph rewriting level, essentially adding a new paragraph to the rewritten version while maintaining the same length of the original.

How does this assure you of high quality unique spinnable articles?

The answer is simple – because it provides you a variation of your article! If for example, you have a 500 word article, and you opt for our manual article spinning service, you could expect to receive outputs which could range from 520 words or even higher, with each of them featuring a varied number of sentences and/or paragraphs. So if we are to consider duplicate content issues, then this is definitely off the radar.

Why is this so?

It’s because of one of the many filters implemented by various search engines out there. A particular method known as “shingling” which can determine whether an article is a duplicate or not by simply looking at the number of words, paragraphs, and sentences it has, not to mention the occurrences of a particular length of phrase which can also be found in various contents across the web. This however, is properly taken care of by the method content vanishing.

Content vanishing in a nutshell

Although this sounds like an uncommon technique, this is certainly ethical and by no means shady or spammy. Unlike what others say that article spinning is a blackhat SEO method, we are here to testify and oppose to what they’re saying. Our clients’ testimonials can attest to that, and this is also the main reason why we have been able to thrive in the realm of article spinning. So, what’s your view about vanishing?

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