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Article Spinning – It’s Not a Blackhat SEO Method as What Others Claim

Article spinning. This particular concept of massive article generation, minus the amount of time needed to create multiple contents, has been in the industry of internet marketing for quite some time now. With the length of time it sought popularity in the marketing realm, there are those who are questioning its reliability. Others are wondering if article spinning could really do more good than harm or perhaps, the other way around.

article spinning serviceTo date, there are several internet marketers out there who keep on claiming that the use of an article spinner in creating multiple article versions is particularly a blackhat method. Well, the reality is – it’s not.

Matt Cutts (of the big G) has even tackled about the issue of article spinning and its impact on the SEO perspective. Recently, he answered the question brought on by a lot of internet marketers eager to know about the reputation of article spinning. The question goes like:

“Is Google going to take down websites which accumulated links by means of guest blogging?”

He closed the topic by responding to the question, stating that those sites which have links to low quality, or probably spammy, sites are more likely prone to experience a major decline in their reputation. However, it doesn’t mean that guest blogging is a major No-No for your marketing strategy. The target here is basically centered on low quality blog posts, which are more likely a sort of good-for-nothing crap and is most probably brought on by a good-for-nothing article spinning service.

Ok, let’s go back to the article spinning topic. Let’s sort out what others are saying, and how to prove them that they’re wrong about it.

CASE 1: What they’re saying

Article spinning provides a negative impact

Several internet marketers keep on saying that article spinning has a negative impact on either the author, the clients he/she is rendering services to and the reputation of his/her website or that of the clients. They’re more adamant in saying that article spinning can do you more harm than good, which of course is a common misconception. What I’m trying to tell you is, this idea is more like old school!

As of now, article spinning has evolved into a more sophisticated, and of course, more exceptional than it was of days old.

Why they got it wrong

Manual article spinning exists!


If you rely on a content spinner software alone, you’ll more likely generate a load of poor quality spun articles, poorer than what you’re really expecting of. This is actually the main reason why such folks go on saying that article spinning is not really worth your while. However, they’re all dead wrong about it.

Of course, if you let the software do all the spinning, you’ll surely come up with a poor quality spun version of your article. This is because the software alone is only assisted by a database of synonyms, which automatically picks choices based on what it was programmed to do so – and this often disregards the appropriate grammar structure of your content. However, manual article spinning service is present to resolve that case. Instead of letting the software do automatic spinning tasks of your original article, you let a human do it for you!

CASE 2: What they’re saying

You’ll definitely trip the spam filter if you resort to a spun article

Well, this is another false claim that some internet marketers make. Probably, they don’t really know the real concept of a spun article service. Worst is, they probably don’t know what is the difference between an excellent copy to that of a good or even poor copy. Though there are times when a spun article could actually trip the spam filter of various blog syndication networks and article directories, only one thing is for certain: those are more likely to be poorly spun articles.

Why they got it wrong

This claim is completely wrong on all levels, unless of course, if they resort to a poor quality spun article service. An excellent spun copy is defined by a seamless flow of the structure of your article, backed by a completely unique spun version that could pass through any spam filter set by any syndication networks with ease. Google has in fact a unique algorithm which could easily detect if an article is spun or is a duplicate of an original article somewhere else across the web.

You should also consider several factors like:

  • the total number of words
  • number of sentences
  • number of paragraphs
  • specific formatting

CASE 3: What they’re saying

You’ll get higher levels of duplication issues

Google is quite particular and picky when it comes to quality contents. With frequent updates here and there (Penguin, Panda, and EMD), duplicate contents definitely no longer have their place within the SERPs. And mostly, what others have stated regarding these frequent updates is that the realm of spin ready articles had likely been hit. Moreover, they also stipulated that spun articles are more prone to duplicate content issues, and these may lead to your site being wiped off the rankings in totality without any means of getting back.

Why they got it wrong

Article spinning isn’t only limited to a word-by-word basis

If, of course, you opt for an article spinning service that takes its focus on word/phrase level spinning alone, then more likely you’ll get whipped by Google. It just doesn’t hurt, it’s also disheartening, considering that you’ll have little or zero chances of being able to get up once again.

BUT, if you opt for ultra spun articles, then you’ll definitely be in the limelight. Why?

Here is a brief illustration of an ultra spun article:

{Original Paragraph + Paragraph Rewrite 1 + Paragraph Rewrite XXX} + {Original Sentence + Sentence Rewrite 1 + Sentence Rewrite XXX} + Nested Word/Phrase Level Spinning

Basically, your original paragraph is provided with its rewrite versions, then each of the sentences within your original paragraph, along with that of the rewrite versions of your original paragraph, is then provided with their own rewrite versions as well. Then after, word/phrase level spinning then follows.

A Case to Case Basis

Even though Google placed a real emphasis on the way you rank your site using article spinning, it’s not really a bad thing at all – unlike what others are saying. Creating quality articles one by one sure is a white hat thing, but that doesn’t mean that article spinning is to be regarded as a black hat strategy. It’s mainly an easy fix from the time consuming task of creating piece after piece, which is literally a blatant brain drain to most writers.

Our point is, we at ArticleContentSpinners understand all of your concerns and worries, and we know how you can get away with it. By using our article spinning secrets, one of which is the “content vanishing”, we can be able to produce a huge variation in the abovementioned factors, such as the total word count etc.

A lot of internet marketers waste their time ignoring the innate reality regarding an article spinning service. There are several techniques that can be used to produce an unrecognizably unique article from a single original article. What they’ve been referring to as blackhat obviously refers to an incompetently spun article, which offers no unique value at all. They’ve got to be misguided by some false claims, and more probably, Google took its emphasis on devaluing spun articles simply because they don’t want others to know what’s up their sleeves.

It all boils down to one thing: article spinning is by no means black hat. Internet marketers who support the negative claim about this method will surely realize the real thing about it soon enough.

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